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Publication on the solo exhibition 'In the thicket', at Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv.

By Naama Riba, Galeria, Haaretz, 2024.

Behind the Mirror

The Art section of Nisha magazine displays each month a different exhibition curated by Ravit Harari. This time, a collection of artworks which represent different uses of mirrors and reflections as a tool for artistic expression. This theme is a symbol of the perception of reality -both internal and external - as well as a research question about the representation of reality.

April 2014

The Rage

Self Portrait no.3 - a painting of mine which appears on the cover of the book "The Rage" by the Argentine writer Sergio Bissio, Hebrew edition by "Simtaot" publishers.

City Mouse

Hila Shkolnick Brenner, 1.7.2010

Various Publications
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